Children Zone

Children Zone

Beech Grove


We are a Year 3 & 4 class.

Our teacher is Mrs Whiteman.

Badger Class have had an excellent start to the year and have really enjoyed all the topics they have been learning about.

In English, we have been focussing on our fiction writing and have written stories about defeating a monster and a finding tale. In maths, we have been learning about statistics and place value.

We have carried out a range of exciting experiments as part of our working scientifically science unit with the children particularly enjoying investigating which surface will make a toy car travel the furthest, how to make a sycamore seed float to the ground the slowest and predicting what will happen when a paper towel absorbs two different coloured waters.

Prehistoric Britain has really gripped the children and it has been wonderful to see all the extra learning they have done at home and brought into school to share with their classmates. Sally even found a time capsule buried in her back garden complete with animal bones, a red deer skull still with the antlers attached, animal fur and a willow basket!

Year 3 and 4 have also become the first ever Archie Ambassadors at Beech Grove and all the children have enjoyed taking part in dementia awareness training and activities held at Reminiscence Learning in Tonedale. I am so proud of how the children have represented the school during these sessions and they should be very proud of themselves as well. We even had a Royal visit!

Sport has featured very highly in our curriculum and, alongside their weekly PE lessons, the children have also enjoyed swimming every week and attending the year 3 Invasion Games Festival and the Year 4 Net/Wall Festival delivered by SASP.

What has been most impressive is seeing the children continually striving to do their best. They are beginning to show greater learning behaviours and the school values are regularly shown both within the classroom and on the playground. Badger Class really are awesome!