Children Zone

Children Zone

Beech Grove


We are a Year 1 class.

Our teacher is Miss Oliver.

Autumn 1

Our topic is let it burn.  At the beginning of term the children built houses out of cardboard for homework, which we then burnt in a fire pit in the playground. The children thoroughly enjoyed watching their houses burst into flames! This led onto our learning about the great fire of London and why the fire spread so quickly. We have learnt the significant dates and names and are able to order the events that happened.

Then, on Bonfire night we created firework paintings and began to find out about this historical event. We are going to continue our let it burn topic by learning about Guy Fawkes and Lord Monteagle.

In Science, we have been learning about animals including humans. We have discovered different types of animals and found out about what they like to eat. We are beginning to look at different habitats.