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Please click here to see our 2 year rolling programme for the curriculum from Y1-Y6.

Beech Grove Primary school provides an inspiring, inclusive, challenging and stimulating learning environment. We have invested in a Cornerstones Curriculum which reflects the core values of the school whilst ensuring full coverage of the National Curriculum objectives through imaginative learning projects (ILPs). We are committed to developing every individual’s learning power, empowering our children to develop an informed and positive view of their education, as well as recognising their vital role in the local community of Wellington, Somerset and as a global citizen.

Throughout the school, pupils follow a topic based curriculum which incorporates all National Curriculum subjects. The curriculum is designed to incorporate the views of the children and maximise enquiry led learning through a four-stage pedagogy. The Cornerstones Curriculum, used by the school, is a broad and balanced, knowledge and skills based curriculum which allows Beech Grove to maintain its distinctive and creative edge, whilst ensuring full coverage of each subject specific objective. 

The four-stage pedagogy of the Cornerstones Curriculum engages the children through an ‘Engage’, ‘Develop’, ‘Innovate’ and ‘Express’ process. A memorable hook into the topic is used to provoke questions, which allow the children to pursue their own enquiries and delve into the depths of a creative and thought-provoking curriculum, suited to their individual needs. Knowledge is developed for depth of understanding, allowing children time to develop and demonstrate their skills. Each topic encourages imaginative thinking, enterprise and independence. We also use the curriculum as a vehicle to celebrate success and apply learning from the core subjects of our curriculum.

As a school with mixed classes, the curriculum is designed as a rolling programme which allows topics to be covered on a two-yearly basis. Some aspects of our curriculum are delivered daily, weekly or termly while others are taught through ‘themed’ weeks. Our themed weeks are taken as an opportunity to maximise the value of community and often allow for children to work in their ‘houses’ rather than year groups, as well as providing a valued opportunity to involve our parents and local community. To find out more about our most recent themed week please click here to view our gallery or discover more about our current curriculum topics by clicking here.

We are fully committed to immersing the children as much as possible in curriculum topics that are relevant to the lives and interests of our pupils. Links are made between subjects through a thematic approach. Parts of the English and Mathematics curriculum are taught as discrete subjects and link to the class topic where appropriate. Guided Reading and Phonics are taught as discrete sessions daily across the school.

We immerse the children through a range of creative and innovative ideas, using trips, workshops and visitors to maximise the learning experience for our children. We value the contribution of our local community and can often be seen using our beautiful surroundings to further inspire our children. Our teachers provide a wide range of teaching and learning methods to facilitate our learners, as well as using the incredible ideas from our children to make learning meaningful and child led.

Our parents are informed about the curriculum through:

 - Website links to the National Curriculum

 - Termly or half-termly curriculum letters

 - Information within the school newsletter

 - Regular website updates

 - Pictures and information shared on the Beech Grove Facebook page

 - Events which invite parents and members of the community into school

 - Class assemblies

We provide an enriched, personalised curriculum at Beech Grove which empowers all pupils to access the curriculum at their point of need regardless of gender, ability, special needs or ethnicity. Our curriculum is designed to embrace differences and promote understanding. We consider what it means to be a British citizen while promoting the spiritual, moral, cultural, mental and physical health of our pupils.